Management Knowledge for law firms and their attorneys –
a modern learning experience

Since 2008 the Executive School of the University of St.Gallen has been successfully running an executive programme especially designed for lawyers who are interested to learn more about management topics and who aim to understand their clients better and to improve the operations of their law firms.

This is why we have developed this unique e-learning tool! It provides, in a concise format, a basic introduction to all management topics which are relevant to law firms. The videos are in English and can be accessed online and repeated as many times as needed.

Leo Staub and Bruno Mascello give you an insight into these newly created videos. Watch our trailer for a first glimpse.


Key advantages for you

  • E-Learning Tool: You gain online access to a modern video learning tool. You can access even with your smartphone.
  • Flexible Learning at your own pace: You can study whenever and wherever you like. You decide when, where and how long you want to learn. You can watch a module online as many times as you want. Learning by stop-and-go is possible thanks to bite-sized chunks of information that can be learnt quickly.
  • Exercises support your learning success: Each module includes exercises to help control your ongoing understanding of the content. An additional reflection module can be added to achieve long-learning effects.
  • Relevant content: You get not only compressed relevant management knowledge but also knowledge adapted to the environment and needs of a law firm.
  • Getting to know your clients: You will quickly learn what clients consider important when they run their enterprise. This understanding enables you to provide better customized legal services, which not only increases client satisfaction but also increases your client retention rate.
  • Improving management knowledge for your own firm: Acquiring management knowledge to improve the business of your own law firm.
  • No impact on your time sheet: The e-learning tool does not encroach on your time sheet at all. You can watch the videos in your spare time, waiting time in a meeting or simply your commuting time in public transport.
  • No additional opportunity cost: You won’t spend time travelling or incur any costs for travel or accommodation.

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