Our Brochures: Detailed Information on Law and Management Programmes

This website provides an overview of the wide range of Law and Management programmes offered by the HSG’s Executive School of Management, Technology and Law. You can also order an electronic (PDF) download or print version of the following brochures for additional information.

Law & Management Day 2018

Management von Anwaltskanzleien, Corporate Counsel’s Day, Compliance Management Day

Management for the Legal Profession

Business administration skills for law graduates – all ECTS credits count towards an EMBA.

Business Law for Managers

Key areas of business law comprehensively explained for non-lawyers from a practical perspective.

Understanding and Leading Teams Effectively

A new take on personality training – from the perspective of systemic group dynamics.

Certified Global Negotiator

Professional expertise, tools and techniques for achieving successful outcomes in all negotiation situations.

Compliance Management

Approach the topic of compliance and compliance rules with confidence.


Learn to better understand U.S. law and the legal thinking.

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