In Health Data The Genetic Fingerprints of a Nation

Each of us can decide where to place the limits of our private sphere, with a more or less restrictive approach to the issue. But when it comes to health data, the utmost caution is required, which the Data Protection Act has recognized as one of the most worthy of protection.
by Mariano Masserini

Board Assessments: From "compliance exercise" to performance assessment

Gabe Shawn Varges

Read the German article in “Recht Relevant für Verwaltungsräte”. The link is only accessible for subscribers.

Business Law Magazine

20 points to reflect on

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello

What is the next normal in the legal market and here to stay after Covid-19?

Managing Ethics and Compliance In Times of Economic Turbulence

Gabe Shawn Varges

An ethics and compliance function has an intergenerational duty: its obligations are to the company and its stakeholders, present and future, not just to current management.

Business Law Magazine

Innovation is Here to Stay: There is no Quick Win for Anybody

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello

Change in the Procurement of Legal Services: Read the article by Bruno Mascello in the January 2020 edition of the Business Law Magazine.

The human capital and resources side of compliance

Gabe Shawn Varges

In the future, the question will arise not only as to which competencies a compliance officer needs to have, but also as to which strategies are needed to recruit and motivate talents with such competencies.

To learn more read the German article by Gabe Shawn Varges in January 2020.

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