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The use of any information, websites and documents, including the University’s logo, which we provide online (hereinafter referred to as “Web Content”) is subject to copyright laws.


Please read the following information carefully. By accessing the websites of the University of St.Gallen and its institutes (hereinafter referred to as “University”), you declare that you have read, understood and accepted the legal information provided herein.

If parts of this legal information do not or no longer reflect any applicable laws, the remaining parts shall not be affected, either in terms of their content or validity, and be amended in accordance with the initial purpose and intent.


The Web Content is protected by copyright laws and it may (excluding the logo) be used, copied and printed for private, academic and non-commercial purposes only. Furthermore, HSG, Assessment Level and contextual study are trademarks of the University registered and protected in Switzerland and/or other countries.

The Web Content may not be reproduced, saved on other servers, uploaded to newsgroups or online services, or saved on a CD-ROM or any other storage or data carrier without the explicit prior written consent of the University.

Data may be saved temporarily in a cache or on a proxy server to optimise access speed. Web Content may be cited, provided they are properly referenced to. The creation of links to our website is permitted.

We give no warranty of any kind that the information provided is up to date or correct.

Exclusion of liability

The University gives no warranties of any kind for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or quality of the Web Content provided, nor warrants that it is up-to-date. The University expressly reserves the right to amend the Web Content at any time without giving prior notice.

To the extent permitted by law, the University excludes all liability claims relating to tangible or intangible damage resulting from or in connection with the access to and/or the use or non-use of Web Content, from misuse of the connection or due to technical errors. 

The University has not examined any content of third-party websites (i.e. sites not hosted on its servers or outside of its control, which are linked to this website by means of hyperlinks) and assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of such third-party websites, and in particular not for any products, services or any other offers made therein.

Privacy statement

With regard to how we act as a data controller with respect to personal data of our website visitors and service users and how we determine the purposes and means of processing personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of this legal information.

We use cookies on our website. Insofar as those cookies are not strictly necessary for the provision of our website and services, we will ask you to consent to the use of cookies when visiting our website. For more information about how we are using cookies, please refer to our Cookie Notice, which forms an integral part of this legal information.

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