Negotiating online successfully

Dr. Hubertus Porschen
Digital communication channels are currently experiencing a boom. Not only informal discussions, but increasingly also decisive negotiations are being conducted online. Although important negotiations are currently still often held in face-to-face meetings, the ongoing digitalization is forcing us to build up negotiating skills in the online world as well. What should be particularly considered in online negotiations and will they become the measure of all things in the future? Dr. Hubertus Porschen is a digital expert, a popular keynote speaker and lecturer at the Schranner Negotiation Institute. We talked with him about the biggest challenges and opportunities of online negotiations.
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The legal market after Corona

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello
The first easements of the lockdown have started. What will life after corona look like? We asked Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello for an assessment of the post-corona legal market.
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Law and Management (LAM) – from the foundation to the handover and beyond

Prof. Dr. Leo Staub & Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello
At the end of March, Bruno Mascello will succeed Leo Staub as Academic Director of the Law and Management Division of the University of St.Gallen’s Executive School. Leo Staub was stirring up the market for legal services with his management perspective as early as the mid-1990s. At the time, he was breaking new ground with these issues while keeping pace with the times – as he has been doing ever since. Today, digital transformation does not stop outside the doors of law firms and legal departments, either, and is working as a catalyst for economical working practices. The executive education programmes initiated by Leo Staub and developed by the LAM team for lawyers, as well as for executives interested in business law, remain highly popular to this day. An interview with Leo Staub and Bruno Mascello.
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