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Dr. Bruno Mascello, Vice Director, Programme Director

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7 November 2019
LaMa Alumni Fall Event 2019 - Visit at NEST

7 November 2019, from 17:00 onwards: Visit at NEST, Empa Dübendorf



29.08.2019 in
Meet us and we will answer all your questions about this offer.


Next info event: COMPLIANCE-MANAGEMENT-CM-Lehrgang

04.09.2019 in Zürich
Meet us and we will answer all your questions about this offer.

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What shall I do if LegalTech goes mainstream in the enterprise legal services market?
For the past decade we have heard that LegalTech will reshape - or more sensationally revolutionise - the way legal services are procured, priced, executed and evaluated by corporate and ...
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Postet on 16.07.2019

Customer focus – the basics of customer care in law firms

Every law firm would assert that its focus is on its clients. If we put this claim to an acid test, ...
Postet on 09.07.2019

Effective compliance is contingent on the knowledge of the applicable rules. But is that all?

Prof. Dr. Bruno Mascello speaks about the successful implementation of compliance. But what exactly ...

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