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Postet on 06.02.2020
10 trends in the 2020 legal market
Optimal positioning in the legal market requires two things: a critical look back, and a realistic look ahead. One thing is certain: the legal market will continue to be on the move in 2020, too, and ...
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Postet on 03.02.2020

Three must-have skills for lawyers

Lawyers’ legal expertise may only be conceived of as a “player’s licence” for them to be ...
Postet on 29.01.2020

Responsible use of data in the age of IoT (Internet of Things)

European data protection law grants privacy rights to the individuals in particular with regard to ...
Postet on 16.01.2020

You cannot not communicate!

This sentence was coined by the Austrian communication expert Paul Watzlawick. He formulated it as ...
Postet on 09.12.2019

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

It is intriguing to see how lawyers answer the question: “Why should clients come to you instead ...
Postet on 13.11.2019

Is LegalTech transforming legal services?

We read almost every day about FinTech changing the finance sector, BioTech changing the way ...
Postet on 06.11.2019

Lawyers as bespoke tailors

The third station on our foray through the most important issues surrounding “client focus” in ...
Postet on 18.10.2019

Client segmentation in the law business

As a rule, lawyers assume that their clients’ requirements and expectations elude ...
Postet on 16.10.2019

Personal liability of Data Protection Officers for wrong advice and why this should also matter to companies

Postet on 30.08.2019

The client, the unknown entity – understanding client requirements

The second article in my series "Client orientation in law firms" deals with the expectations of ...
Postet on 22.08.2019

New video series (vlog) about topics related to Legal Management (“B1 series”)

The legal market is constantly changing. All legal service providers – be it law firms, legal ...
Postet on 07.08.2019

What shall I do if LegalTech goes mainstream in the enterprise legal services market?

For the past decade we have heard that LegalTech will reshape - or more sensationally revolutionise ...

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