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Postet on 26.01.2022
Future skills for lawyers
As a lawyer, are you of the opinion that it will be sufficient for a legal career only to have excellent legal knowledge? Or do you tend to share the view that professional education and training ...
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Postet on 14.01.2022

Is your company protected against cyber attacks?

Statistics provide clear evidence: one in four Swiss firms has already fallen victim to a cyber ...
Postet on 19.11.2021

Do we need AI in the legal market?

The legal market will not be spared digital upheavals, either. The question is only how fast what ...
Postet on 28.09.2021

The Double-Edge Sword of ESG (Environment Social Governance)

As companies begin taking needed action on ESG, they need to ensure their communications on ESG do ...
Postet on 17.09.2021

Specialisation – an occupational risk or even a trap?

Experts’ desire to specialise is easy to understand. In my view, however, it is bound to lead to ...
Postet on 10.09.2021

Gender equality required also in the legal industry?

We know that a bigger variety, in particular gender diversity, improves the working environment, ...
Postet on 12.07.2021

Generations X, Y, Z … and what next? With a little anecdote from the legal market.

Anyone who thinks that human capital doesn’t have to be cultivated and that in the near future, ...
Postet on 20.05.2021

Law & Management with a new programme structure – now up to an Executive Master’s degree

Law & Management has used the challenges of Covid-19 as an opportunity to gear the structure of its ...
Postet on 20.05.2021

Law & Management – 1 year with corona

For more than a year, we have been working under the new general conditions caused by Covid-19.
Postet on 28.04.2021

Law & Management becomes carbon neutral

In Law & Management, sustainability is not merely an issue dealt with in lectures; rather, it is ...
Postet on 17.03.2021

Coaching - helping people to help themselves

Looking at a problem from a distance, focusing and finding your own answers to personal and ...
Postet on 20.01.2021

What approach do you pursue for your career planning?

Last year we regularly heard that companies “had fallen on hard times through no fault of their ...

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