Understand cyber security and reduce security risks

Cyber security has become a key business risk for companies, and it must be dealt with to avoid critical damage. Organisations across the country are being impacted and they acknowledge the importance to manage cyber security. This requires respective solutions and experts, and the required capabilities must be continuously extended. Expertise in cyber security risk management needs to be available in the organization and must be frequently updated.

The constantly evolving nature of cyber attacks is the most problematic element of digitalization. To mitigate the risk of attacks, organizational leaders need to adopt a holistic cyber security strategy and implement risk mitigation plans that considers the latest technologies, expertise of people, processes, and procedures.

This Cyber Security for Leaders one-week program provides you a hands-on and non-technical approach to this topic. One of the goals is to provide with both an overview and a detailed understanding of how to recognize and manage cybersecurity threats. The program’s further learning objectives are to explain how to identify and mitigate security risks to an organization’s network, system, and data, as well as how to respond to a cyberattack. Professionals will be able to gain knowledge and abilities necessary to safeguard the integrity and authenticity of their organization, and they will learn how to design and implement a cyber security risk mitigation plan.

Cyber Security (CSF-HSG), Cyber Security Experte werden

Your Benefits

  • Your choice: you decide whether you want to do the course online or on site (hybrid)
  • Expertise: international and relevant experts and academics
  • Impact: theoretical and practical knowledge transfer into practice
  • Networking: get to know your peers and learn about their challenges
  • Accountability: This module is fully accountable to the HSG Certificate program “Data Protection Officer (DPO-HSG)” and the “Executive Master Law & Management (EM LM-HSG)”


Info Events

Date Time Location Programme
24.03.2023 12.30–1.30 pm online ONLINE Information event: Cyber Security for Leaders online Register
20.04.2023 11.30–12.30 pm online ONLINE Information event: Cyber Security for Leaders online Register
16.05.2023 4.00–5.00 pm online ONLINE Information event: Cyber Security for Leaders online Register

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