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Executive Master Management & Law

An executive education course of Management & Law at the University of St.Gallen will benefit you in many ways: you will be able to tailor our newly structured course individually to precisely match your current situation in life and your personal requirements – in terms of time, content and conclusion. This means that you can start at any time, continually extend your executive education, also interrupt it, devote yourself to a different topic and try out something else. And now you will also have the option of having executive education units provided by other HSG institutes credited to your programme. You will be comfortably able to extend your collected executive education units up to the degree of Master Management & Law (EM ML-HSG) – a genuine novelty. According to the principle of lifelong learning.

My choice. My way. My career.

«Success is a staircase.
Not a door.»
Carmela Frey
Richterin, Kantonsgericht Zug
«Knowledge is my
best investment.»
Mike Jäger
GRC Lead & Principal Consultant, Zühlke Group
«Freedom of knowledge means its own curriculum
to live.»
Michael Kohler
Geschäftsführer, PROCARE Vorsorge AG
«You never stop learning.
Samira Sümer
Lawyer, Business Management, Bank Vontobel AG
«If you don't move forward with knowledge, you stand still.»
Daniel Fuchs
Brand Director, Astara Ital Switzerland AG
«Life is too short to miss out on knowledge.»
Markus Borle
Gruppenleiter Haftpflicht Körperschaden, Zürich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG
«I am a driver, not a freeloader.»
Heidi Baumann-Becker
Head of Legal, PORR SUISSE AG
«I navigate through life with a 360-degree perspective.»
Matthias Egli
Geschäftsführer, Swissolar

Get to know our flexible programme structure

You can choose the programmes in Law & Management according to your requirements in terms of both time and content. You will be able to attend our individual modules and extend your horizon in an interactive short format. If you want more, you can enrol in a certificate course (CAS-HSG), which consists of three module weeks. You can combine this with anoth-er certificate course and extend it into a diploma course (DAS-HSG) or – subject to certain conditions – even into an Executive Master Management & Law (EM ML-HSG). The following programmes of the Executive School (ES-HSG) and of HSG institutes can be credited to an Executive Master Management & Law (EM ML-HSG).


3 single modules



You choose 3 CAS for the diploma.


1 DAS + Master's level

For the Executive Master you choose a DAS. In addition, there is the Master's level including Master's thesis.

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An den Executive Master Management & Law (EM ML-HSG) werden folgende Programme der Executive School (ES-HSG) bzw. von HSG-Instituten angerechnet.

Management for the Legal Profession (MLP-HSG)

Law & Management

Business Law for Manager (WRM-HSG)

Law & Management

Certified Global Negotiator (CGN-HSG)

Law & Management

Compliance Management (CM-HSG)

Law & Management

Managing Privacy and Data Security - Data Protection Officer (DPO-HSG)

Law & Management

Law & Management (LM-HSG)

Law & Management

Cyber Security for Leaders

Law & Management

CAS Marketing Management

Institut für Marketing und Customer Insight

CAS Strategisches Management

Institut für Marketing und Customer Insight

CAS Sales Management

Institut für Marketing und Customer Insight

CAS Kommunikation und Management

Institut für Marketing und Customer Insight

Your benefits – an overview

Selection of modules according to your own schedule
Selection from a variety of thematic areas
Start possible at any time
Extended Executive Master’s degree in Management & Law

Everything you need to know about the EM ML HSG

Mention of specialisations in the Master’s degree certificate:

With the Executive Master Management & Law (EM ML-HSG), you have the option of choosing a specialisation and having this recognised in the certificate. The following overview shows which specialisation options are currently available and which qualifications from certificate courses (CAS) or diploma courses (DAS) are recognised for this (at least 3 CAS or one DAS).

The respective specialisation will be noted as an addition in the Master’s certificate of the “Executive Master Management & Law (EM ML-HSG)”.

Please note that the list is continually being adapted, i.e. specialisations are added or removed. Also, the list is subject to modifications at any time.

  • At present, there are no specialisations yet.
As to crediting, the following must be borne in mind:
  • Participants must satisfy the admission requirements for the Executive Master Management & Law (EM ML-HSG) in every case. The course management reserves the right to examine individual cases.
  • Only the successful conclusion of CAS/DAS courses of HSG institutes that are listed here can be credited. Please note that this may be adapted on an ongoing basis. If your HSG certificate/diploma is not mentioned, please contact the relevant institute.
  • Only certificate/diploma courses that have been completed in their entirety will be credited and not individual ECTS points.
  • A maximum of 30 ECTS points will be credited to the EM ML-HSG.
  • A completed certificate course (CAS) will be credited with a blanket number of 10 ECTS points while a completed diploma course (DAS) will be credited with a blanket number of 30 ECTS points. Any ECTS points earned above and beyond this will be forfeited in the crediting process.
  • Double crediting is ruled out.
  • For ECTS points to be credited, participants have to submit the original certificate or diploma, which will be destroyed without substitution after the points have been credited.
  • If your certificate or diploma course requires you to write a thesis, it may be that this will not automatically be credited as a Master’s thesis. If this should be the case, however, it will only be credited to its actual extent while the missing points have to be earned through other programmes.
  • These conditions are subject to modifications at any time.

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